Android Auto is the car-friendly app that lets you use different apps when driving your car. Android Auto is planning on growing from controlling the apps on your phone or your cars’ infotainment system. In the near future, Android Auto is fully installed in new cars’ software. You’ll never feel the need to pull out your phone while driving again.

Android Auto: 4 plans for 2019

Android Auto has big plans for 2019. Paul Brady, the head of Android Auto shares his plans in an interview with The Verge. He explains Android Auto wants to grow from an add-on functionality to a built-in native software solution. These are the 4 big plans Android Auto has for this year.

3Google Assistant in the ‘drivers seat’

There are some extra benefits when car manufacturers build Android Auto directly into the car. The Google software is implemented in other aspects of the car. Android Auto and Google Assistant can control things like the lights, windshield wipers, climate control or the mirrors. No more fidgeting with knobs and buttons to adjust the temperature. Just say: ‘Ok Google, set the temperature to 68 degrees’. Easy. Just like you would with any devices connected with your Google Home.


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