Every year Google sends out an puzzle invitation for developers conference I/O before its officially announced. One person already broke the code by bypassing the puzzle completely.

I/O 2019 Mountain View

For the fourth year in a row Google I/O will be in Mountain View California. The conference takes place in the Shoreline Amphitheatre. I/O is a conference by Google for developers. It’s also a great place to get news about new programmes, apps and other functions Google is working on. Especially news about Android and the Google Assistant.

Last year on I/O

Last year Google amazed everybody with Google Duplex, the Assistant-function that enables the Google Assistant to schedule a reservation for you in a restaurant or even an appointment at the hairdresser. It does this by calling the business and engaging in a verbal dialogue designed to book a service for you.

I/O 2018 also introduced Digital Wellbeing and showed an early version of the new Android 9.0 Pie.

Reading tip: Project Alias – Give Google Assistant a new name.

The I/O puzzle

Google doesn’t send out regular invitations for the conference. Instead, it sends out a puzzle to excite people for the event. If you are a developer and you can crack the puzzle? You get a free ticket to I/O 2019.

The puzzle was shared on twitter as a video and a transcription. Kicking off a scavenger hunt for the date and location of this years I/O.

Solution by circumvetion

Twitter user Till Kottmann cracked the puzzle by circumventing the puzzle altogether. He found a file on the site that hosted the teaser video that contained all the information. Google probably made a mistake leaving the file there. Even though it feels a bit like cheating, it’s still a legitimate solution to the puzzle.


Save the date

Now the time and place have been uncovered, there’s nothing left to do clear the 7th till 9th of May. And keeping an eye out for new clues to what Google will show us this year.


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