Google is working on Facial Recognition tech. Big hints for the Face-Match feature surface in an Android Q build that XDA went through with a fine tooth comb. As well in a beta update for the Google app. Both describing hardware to scan and recognize faces and the function to add or remove devices, similar to the Voice-Match feature we already know from Google Assistant in Google Home.

Face Match for devices with Google Assistant

The first piece of the puzzle came last year in the code of the Google App. Codename Avocado didn’t mean much then, but the page has now been updated to reveal a ‘Face-Match’ feature. The name Face-Match could still change in the future. The most exciting piece of Avocado is code hinting toward the same functions as Voice Match gives us today. Adding, removing or recalibrating Face Match are options are all added functions similar to Voice Match. This could mean that Google Assistant can recognize faces over multiple devices.

<string name="face_match_enabled_devices_section_title">set up on:</string>
<string name="face_match_set_up_button_text">Set up Avocado</string>
<string name="face_match_add_device_button_text">Add a device</string><string name="face_match_remove_title">Remove</string>
<string name="face_match_remove_summary">Description for remove</string><string name="face_match_retrain_title">Retrain your Assistant</string>
<string name="face_match_retrain_summary">Description for retrain</string>

Facial Recognition for displays, phones and smart home devices

Most likely, the Face-version of Voice Match will make it possible for multiple members of your friends or family to personally use devices with Google Assistant. Possibly without even uttering a wake-up phrase to trigger Voice Match. Making the need to keep saying ‘Hey Google’ or any other name, less necessary. Picture a tablet with Google Assistant that recognizes your face as you walk in the door and activating your favorite light settings and Spotify-Playlist. And seamlessly changing the settings when another family member enters through the back door and being recognized by another Google Device. Or a smart tv recognizing your face and automatically starting the Netflix show you were watching. Seems very cool!

Rise of the smart displays?

Sadly there is still no hint toward the release of this feature in the standard updates of the Google App. But when it does its very interesting to see if the update is accompanied by new smart display devices or add-ons for existing Assistant devices. Facial recognition can take Google even further in your daily homelife.


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