Gmail is the next Google app to get a new look. From now on Gmail gets the same style as the other apps that have been updated with the new Material Design.

The Material Design

A lot of the Google-apps get a new minimalistic theme also known as the Material Design. This new theme looks like the new brand style. in earlier updates apps like Google Maps, Contacts, Calculator and even the Google Assistant got a new style.

Gmails new look: what’s new?

Minimalistic theme

The Material Design for Gmail looks fresh. Keeping it simple with a lot of white and basic colors. The bar-styled list of e-mails is replaced with a more bullit like sum up of messages and e-mails. E-mails labeled with tags like ‘Social’ or ‘Promotions’ are combined in a folder shown at the top.
The new material design for Gmail on mobile phone

No more red banner

One of the first things you’ll notice is the absence of the red banner the top of the Gmail app. The new banner is transparant and houses a search bar in the middle of it. You can switch between accounts by clicking on the profile icon on the top-right. The menu is still in the same place, the top-left. The old and new banner styles of Gmail material design

More efficient attachements

The Gmail app now has the option to open attachements directly, without opening the e-mail itself. Very usefull when you’re expecting a file you want to view without having to scroll to the bottom of a long e-mail. For example: this feature comes in handy if you want to quikly acces your tickets for a movie or a festival.
Gmail new material design lets you open attachements directly without opening the e-mail

A more personal experience

The material theme has several options to more personalize the way Gmail looks. Besides the standard look, you can select a ‘comfort’ or ‘compact’ view. The comfort mode leaves more space between the e-mails, creating a more spacious feeling. The compact view does the opposite and looks more crowded, but shows you more e-mails in one view.
The tablet and phone view of the Gmail material design


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