Gmail in G Suite gets a new function to download e-mails in eml-format. This format can be used in different -email clients. G Suite did not make this possible before. Google also adds Undo/Redo and Striketrough function.

Opening Gmail content with attachments

Getting messages and mail from Gmail in G Suite to open in another e-mail client was impossible. With this new function, users can download messages in eml-format within Gmail. And open these e-mails in other clients like Outlook. If the message contained attachments, the attachment is downloaded and accessible as well. Google ads this function because a lot of users have asked for it in the last couple of years.

A screenshot of a e-mail with dropdownmenu. Showing the option to download the e-mail and message in eml. format

Undo – Redo – Strikethrough

G Suite Gmail users also see new options in the editor:

  • Undo/Redo: If the user needs to undo an action, like deleting content or text from an e-mail, they can do so in the editor. The undo function is naturally paired with a redo function.
  • Strikethrough: The strikethrough function lets users strikethrough parts of a text. This comes in handy to illustrate completed tasks or edit a suggestion.

These new functions are now rolling out for G Suite users and are visible by default.

Not yet available for personal users

A lot of functions that are initially available to G Suite users eventually also get released for personal users. Google does not mention if these functions will be availiable for personal users at a later date.


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