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Google Assistant gets a face match function to enable it to recognize you across devices.

Google Assistant gets facial recognition

Google is working on Facial Recognition tech. Big hints for the Face-Match feature surface in an update for Google App and an Android Q build. Both describing features similar to the Voice-Match we already know from Google Assistant in Google Home.

Google I/O 2019 takes place on 7th till 9th of May

Every year Google sends out a puzzle invitation for developers conference I/O before its officially announced. One person found already broke the code by bypassing the puzzle completely.
Google and Jigsaw's Phising Quiz. Showing a hand with fishing hook trying to bait a fish with a phone.

Google’s Phishing Quiz: can you be fooled?

Separating the real e-mails from the fake can be a challenge. Google and sister-company Jigsaw put you to the test with a surprisingly difficult quiz. Can you get a perfect score?