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Check all the cool features of using Google products on your phone and in your home.

Google and Jigsaw's Phising Quiz. Showing a hand with fishing hook trying to bait a fish with a phone.

Google’s Phishing Quiz: can you be fooled?

Separating the real e-mails from the fake can be a challenge. Google and sister-company Jigsaw put you to the test with a surprisingly difficult quiz. Can you get a perfect score?
Dark mode Google Assistant

Google Assistant gets a compact look and dark mode

Google has been redesigning apps in the last couple of weeks. Now it's the Google Assistant who gets a slight redesign and the first aspects of 'Dark mode'. 
Google home with a plastic top containing a mini speaker called Alias. Next to it someone is holding a phone opening a program to let Google's Assistant listen to a new name.

Project Alias: Change Google’s name in Google Home

Google has sold over 7,5 million Google Home speakers. Isn't it strange that your best friend around the house doesn't accept a nickname? With a little help, it does!